21 October 2021
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E122 – Azorubine

Number: E122

Name: Azorubine

Other names: Food Red, Cl 14720

Function: Colour

Description: red colour

Origin: synthetic azo dye


In the EU E122 is authorised for use:

  • in certain foods and beverages (cheese, dried fruit, some alcoholic beverage)
  • for use as an excipient in medications

In the United States:

  • E122 was listed in 1939 as D&C Red No. 10 for use in externally applies drugs and cosmetics. It was delisted in 1963.
  • it was never used in food

Daily intake: up to 4 mg/kg body weight

Side effects:

  • it appears to cause allergic or intolerant reactions, particularly amongst those with an aspirin intolerance and asthma sufferers
  • it is a histamine liberator and may intensify symptoms of asthma
  • in combination with benzoates, it is also implicated in hyperactivity in children


  • cannot be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians, because it is extracted from insects
  • very soluble in water